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Does anyone know of a website which lists children's drama made by the BBC in the 1990s-2000s, and which was typically shown in the Sunday early evening slot?

I remember watching most of these as a child, but for the life of me cannot remember anything about them - except that they were generally excellent and often fantasy stories. The last one shown, I think, (and which I was rather too old for so didn't watch much of) was Shoebox Zoo (broadcast from 2004-2005).

Following research I suspect at least one of them was The Magician's House which was broadcast from 1999-2000. There was also The Borrowers from 1992-1993. I also think that maybe The Chronicles of Narnia (1988-1990) and Five Children and It (1991 and 1993) came into this category, though I was too young to watch them when they were first released. I do recall watching The Phoenix and the Carpet (broadcast in 1997).

Anyone remember any others?


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