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Anime news network is doing its previews of Winter 2011 anime. I was intrigued by one of them called Wandering Son, which was getting good write-ups. It's currently showing on Crunchy Roll, though only the introduction and episode 1 are up at the moment. From what I've seen so far, I've really liked it. Its main theme is gender identity, and it focuses on two friends who have just started middle school. The art style is very washed-out pastel colours, with some very lovely backdrops and close-ups of scenery. Don't be put off by the opening credits which are a little overly long, in my opinion (if illustrated with beautiful washed out scenes). The anime starts in the middle of the manga, and doesn't really orientate newcomers at all. However, it's easy enough to start recognising people/names, and I far prefer this style of story-telling to ones where the audience is treated like a goldfish. 

This is the sort of anime I wished I could have watched aged 10 or 11. Although I'm mostly happy with my gender now, it would have been nice to know that other people felt like me. 
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