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Bleh, I'm feeling a little under the weather today. As I have now achieved the one thing on my to do list (email scary people), I hereby devote the rest of my energy to making a post of awesome things. If you have been on gtalk recently, you may have had me spamming you with some or all of these things. I make no apologies.

My first thing would have been CAT SNUGGLING DOLPHIN footage, recently posted on But it's been made private, and is therefore no longer available. I suspect government forces at work, trying to stop a complete meltdown of the internets due to the profound cuteness. As a substitute, I present this photo from Sloths ftw.

Dragon Age 2 have been posting many things in my facebook feed, but none more cute than this. Why yes, it is the companions from DA2 as My Little Ponies, why do you ask? (so cute, especially little emo grumpy Balthier Fenris -- *flail*)

This looks like a really nice recipe, or maybe it's just that the cold spring makes me long for clear flavours. Either way, the combination of egg, chicken, noodles, miso, and green stuff makes even my uncooperative stomach feel a bit hungry.


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