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Jul. 2nd, 2011 12:59 pm
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I have:
A tin of chickpeas (possibly 2)
A jar of harissa paste
Some uncooked chicken (~500g)
A large tub of yoghurt 
Lemons (not preserved)
Cinnamon sticks

I feel sure that there should be some Moroccan-style recipe which incorporates all of these, but I've yet to find it. What I would like is some kind of stew thing (maybe sans yoghurt) which I can reheat to have with couscous. Maybe with the yoghurt on the side, mixed with cucumber and mint (alá this recipe).

Opinion seems to be split about how to cook the aubergines -- you can marinate them in the harissa, brush them with oil and fry/grill them separately, or roast them. 

So, I guess a rough recipe could look like:
1) Chop into largeish chunks the tomatoes and aubergine and roast with lots of olive oil for about an hour at 180 (fan) (after this recipe)
2) Gently fry chopped onion and garlic for ~20 until very soft.
3) Add cumin, coriander, a cinnamon stick and cloves (all the c's!) to the onion and heat for a bit.
4) Add diced chicken to the spices and stir well to coat, then add the aubergine and tomatoes and chuck in rinsed chickpeas. 
5) Also add lemon zest! And 1-2 tspns of harissa.
6) Cook for half an hour or so.
7) I suspect this is one of those recipes which improves with age. Serve with couscous and yoghurt.

Note: You could add spinach. Spinach is tasty and healthy. 

Further note: I have not actually cooked this. Take this recipe to the kitchen with a healthy dose of common sense and scepticism. I'm not quite convinced by the separate cooking of the vegetables, because I feel that in a dish like this all the ingredients should be on very friendly terms/offering to babysit each other's children/leaping into bed with one another. 

Any thoughts?

In other news, ahahahaha, oh god wedding.
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