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1) "You" reminds me of Fairport Convention's "Crazy Man Michael". I very much like the way this song captures the Wintersmith's infatuation.

2) "Ancient Eyes" is maybe my favourite Maddy Prior vocal song since "The Sovereign Prince". I think her vocals are still excellent, and I'm amazed that the band has managed to write a tragic ballad about a giant turtle flying through space.

3) "Summer Lady" returns to a more traditional Fairport Convention folk song (e.g. "Red and Gold"), though I think it's also reminiscent of some early Steeleye Span songs.

4) "We Shall Wear Midnight" is a lovely closing song, and somehow captures Tiffany. The harmony is lovely, but both of them in unison is perfect. Also, I would always fall for a folk song with sax.

I think the other songs on the album will grow on me, but for now I think these are the stand out tracks. Some of the other tracks (I'm thinking predominantly of "The Dark Morris Song" reminds me of their early work like "Long Larkin", as both folk ballad and rock, and I'm glad they've returned to their roots in some of the tracks.

 I should add that I'm really happy that they made this album.


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